Saturday, 12 November 2011


Hello ... Hello ... my old friends ... It's great to see you once again! Regular visitors to ELOBF will know that quite recently I reviewed the new album by Bubble Gum Orchestra [alias the multi-talented Michael Laine Hildebrandt] entitled: "Out Of This World" and also published an interview with this fine songwriter; musician and producer too.

Michael [MLH] has recently contacted me with some exciting BGO news that further cements those already strong links between the ELO and Beatles universes and he will be posting this news on his BGO web site and Facebook page soon:

Former 'Paul McCartney and Wings' trumpet and flugelhorn player [1975-1980] Steve Howard [SH] has just confirmed that he will be performing on a new BGO song for their next new studio album which is due for release late 2012 or early 2013! SH will be recording using the actual horn he used all throughout the "Wings Over America" and "Wings over Europe" tours back in the seventies. This is also the horn he played at Abbey Road Studios for the studio recordings of those classic songs: "Silly Love Songs"; "Let 'Em In" and "Coming Up". The title of that new BGO song is: "Blowin' Away".

MLH told me that he is a personal friend of SH and that he now actually owns THE horn pictured above. The guys over at Blue Violin Studios sent me the above photograph of Paul and SH backstage in Atlanta; Georgia showing Mr. McCartney 'playing' said horn. And you can easily find multiple footage of SH playing the horn with Wings over on YouTube.

SH has recorded with many other great musicians through out his career. MLH told me that he has spent many hours with SH listening to all those great behind-the-scenes Wings stories. MLH also possesses a short video tape of SH recently playing: "Silly Love Songs"; "Let 'Em In" and "Live And Let Die" on that "Sacred Trumpet".

SH also recently guested on the European tour of: 'The Original Blues Brothers Band' during Summer 2011. His current band is entitled: 'The N'AWLINS Gumbo Kings' and you can check out their web site here too:

MLH is over the moon that he is working with one of his musical heroes. It already is becoming apparent that the second BGO album will be something well worth waiting for! ELOBF endorses 'Bubble Gum Orchestra' to all music fans who like: ELO; 'The Move' and 'The Beatles' genres in particular.

Until next "Time" in the ELO [and related] universe ... KJS ... 12-Nov-2011


  1. Over the moon! Absolutely correct!

    Thanks Keith...yours truly, Agnes

  2. BGO--- "In the Studio" Update... Steve Howard came in Thursday February 2nd and recorded his trumpet on the upcoming Bubble Gum Orchestra song "Blowin' Away". It's somewhat difficult to find the words to describe the "magical" music aura present in Blue Violin Studios during those precious few hours my brother, Douglas "The Artist" Hildebrandt and I spent with Steve. It was hard while recording n...ot to let my mind wonder back to a distant place in time and to know that Steve had recorded "Silly Love Songs", "Let em' In" and "Coming Up" with Paul McCartney in Abbey Road Studios back in the day using the same horn he was playing on my song. Steve's trumpet playing was nothing less than spectacular and I am Blown Away to have been part of this memorable moment. Michael Laine Hildebrandt

  3. I can't wait for the next installment of BGO! KJS